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Nostalgia and News

Ah the joys of satellite TV. It saves me from the noisy, irritating, mind-boggling menagerie that Japanese TV–circa 2012–has become. Satellite TV takes me not only beyond Japan’s borders but back to the days when watching TV in Japan was actually fun. This month, SkyPerfecTV’s Lala Channel 372 is rebroadcasting the 1997 hit drama Virgin Road. (The title is a Japanese-English term for walking down the aisle on one’s wedding day.) Lala is airing two episodes at a time, Sundays from 9 p.m. and it’s a very pleasant journey back in time. Nostalgia for the past is often considered a sign of getting old and refusing to adapt. Yet, Continue reading

Child Stars and the Landscapes of Childhood

Does anyone ever really forget the landscapes of their childhood? The people, places, scenery and customs that shaped us in our early years can stay with us our entire lives, deeply influencing the paths we follow and the careers we carve out for ourselves.  This seems especially true of those who follow creative professions such as writing and art, music and design.  That premise is behind the new Magazine House book Comic Furusato Hokkaido which features works by twelve manga artists, all of whom were born on Japan’s northernmost island.

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