Screen shot 2017-04-28 at 4.55.26 PMAN EYE-OPENING, INFORMATIVE GUIDE FOR THE ADVENTURE OF GROWING OLD IN JAPAN    Are you aware of the risks lurking behind the Japanese inheritance system? Under the new rules, do you qualify for a Japanese pension after all? Do you know how to minimize your Japanese health care costs? Can you navigate the maze of senior housing options? What can make a Japanese will invalid? Discover all this and much, much more in this practical, easy-to-follow guide that details the specific paperwork and vocabulary you need to know.  Learn what to expect, what to watch out for and where to find help.  Chapter 1: The Japanese Pension System     Chapter 2: Health Care and Kaigo Hoken    Chapter 3: Senior Housing Options      Chapter 4: Bowing Out of Japan     Chapter 5: Wills and Inheritances

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THE CASEBOOK OF IRVING & INNOCENCE: THE COMPLETE TRILOGY— Now for the first time, the complete e-book series  in one compact volume. A paperback version is also available from Innocence arrives in Japan in need of a mentor. Fate provides Irving, a veteran of four decades on the archipelago. This humorous, heartwarming series traces their friendship over the course of three years and takes them from Yokohama and Mt. Fuji (Year One) to the Zen temples of Kamakura (Year Two) and snowy Sapporo (Year Three). Through it all, an amazing friendship is forged. With Irving telling the tales, be prepared for some funny and unexpected twists along the way.




WHO CHANGED THE CHANNEL? SIXTY YEARS OF JAPANESE TV is the updated and revised edition of the original “The Couch Potato’s Guide to Japan.” Includes three new chapters: Japanese Television’s Lost Decade (2003-2013), Korean Dramas in Japan, and The Future of Japanese TV.